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Why September is Special: National Bourbon Heritage Month
National Bourbon Heritage Month

By Dee M. Robinson


As we bid farewell to National Bourbon Heritage Month, we reflect on this time-honored celebration, a period when we unite to cherish the tradition and communal enjoyment of bourbon. This spirit holds a revered place in our hearts, lauded not just for its rich history, but for the unique warmth and camaraderie it brings to aficionados globally.

Why September? The selection of this month is deeply rooted in history. In 2007, the United States Congress declared September as National Bourbon Heritage Month to celebrate the revered tradition of bourbon craftsmanship in our nation. More than just a calendrical designation, September is believed to be the month when the first drops of bourbon were distilled, making it resonate with the heritage and legacy of this uniquely American spirit.

Central to this celebration is the spirit of community and a collective passion for bourbon. This month witnesses enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and novices converging to appreciate the artistry, history, and the diverse palette of flavors that bourbon offers. It’s more than a celebration; it’s a homage to the enduring spirit of a nation, an acknowledgment of the quest for excellence, and a cue that the finest things in life warrant our admiration and gratitude. We term this Good Trouble.  

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Cheers to you and National Bourbon Heritage Month!

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