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We can now ship our bottles to 40 States(& D.C.) within the US.
(Unfortunately, state law does NOT allow us to ship to the following states: AK, AL, HI, ID, MI, MS, OK, UT, SC, PA)

Inspired by the courageous souls who have historically navigated by the North Star, this special edition bourbon symbolizes guidance, inspiration, and the eternal hope that leads us through the darkest nights. Good Trouble Bourbon's North Star Edition is dedicated to the trailblazers who reshape boundaries and illuminate paths for others to follow.

A Taste of Victory

The North Star Edition offers a flavor profile that is as profound as its inspiration. Aged in charred oak barrels, it boasts a complex array of aromas from the deep, earthy tones of aged wood to the subtle sweetness of vanilla and caramel. The first sip reveals a silky smooth texture, followed by a warm, lingering finish that celebrates the depth and richness of a truly exceptional bourbon.

Celebrate with Every Sip

Each glass of North Star Edition is a toast to achievements and aspirations. It’s a reminder that, like the North Star, some things remain constant and true, guiding us with unwavering light. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the cornerstone of a sophisticated cocktail, the North Star Edition turns every occasion into a celebration of the human spirit’s potential.

Limited Release

Reflecting the rarity of the courage it honors, the North Star Edition is available in limited quantities. Each bottle is a collector’s item, a piece of history, and a beacon of hope and excellence. Secure your bottle of Good Trouble Bourbon’s North Star Edition and be part of a legacy that celebrates bold spirits, smooth flavors, and the bright future they herald.

This edition is characterized by a rich and complex array of flavors, which include notes of caramel, saddle leather, and baking spice, complemented by dried apricots, orange zest, and candied walnuts. The finish of this bourbon is marked by charred vanilla, adding depth and warmth to the overall tasting experience.

Additionally, Good Trouble Bourbon aligns with values of unity and inclusivity, and a portion of each sale benefits the Shine Your Light Foundation, which adds a philanthropic dimension to the purchase of this bourbon. This commitment to social responsibility is another aspect that differentiates the North Star Edition from other bourbons in the market.