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Dee M. Robinson

As a faith-full entrepreneur or dreamer in this world, I ask you not to be discouraged by what you see or experience, but to be the change you hope to see in the world, to use your own lives and the ample power of your voice for liberty, love, justice and joy for all. To inspire a movement that is catalyzed and sparked by love.

While it’s true that the issues facing the world are complex, the answer to liberty for all is simple; it begins with you. We all have the power to influence lives. The smallest of positive actions leave you and the world better than you found them. Yes, you are a change agent. Each of us possess the ability to influence our world.

You do it by simply speaking up when you see a wrong; engaging in brave, spirited conversations with an open mind, heart and soul; and being willing to, at least, listen. That is what I call having the courage to hear, the courage to act and the courage to do the right thing.

You matter, your voice matters, your actions matter. Believe that the smallest of actions by one can profoundly affect another. We are inherently good. Reach down, deep within, to use your good for the good of others. When we do, the world is changed forever.

Our brand’s mission is about creating exquisite bourbon and instigating brave conversations.

Let’s talk, engage in conversations, and instigate dialogue about the mystery of us. I am certain we will discover we are more alike than different. Shine Your Light!

With love,

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Dee M. Robinson

Founder, CEO, Craft Distiller, Troublemaker

GT Spirits Company

Good Trouble bourbon pouring with glasses
Good Trouble with Glencairn Glasses


Good Trouble was inspired by the brand owner’s vision to spur social change through great bourbon and good conversations while you enjoy it. Good Trouble honors those who bravely speak up for good, disrupt the status quo and the conversations that arise from these actions and hopefully inspires people to take action in anyway they can to find the good with in themselves and let it light the way. We are not only about talk, but we also walk the walk by donating to causes that lead to greater societal change—causes that make their own good trouble, because we understand that we are only a part of the change and invite you to become part of the story with us.

Good Trouble Bourbon

The bottle's broad shoulders, shown in the bottle’s bold shape, is to reflect the strong shoulders of our ancestors and trailblazers for whose shoulders we stand on that strengthen and lift us today.

Good Trouble Bourbon

A metal coin with the logo was embedded in the T-top closure, encouraging the imbiber to transform a moment of conversation into a lasting movement. Adding value to the very moment you share a drink and to inspire everyone to shine the light within.


Good Trouble Bourbon

A GT monogram was designed to form an equality symbol. To show that Good Trouble can do just that, cause people to see one another in a new way over a great conversation while drinking our great bourbon - this is a A Spirited Conversation.

Good Trouble Bottle Label

Creating these limited-edition and extra-aged expressions falls to the master distiller, who must navigate an array of stock to cherry-pick the best of the best barrels. Alongside the distiller, the founder collaborates to determine the desired expression. Over time, GT will capitalize on the market’s love affair with super premium bourbons and become a recognized lifestyle brand.

Good Trouble Bottle Label - Lady Liberty

A reimagined Lady Liberty with her torch lighting the way while riding the charging bull shows the strength and grace that is Good Trouble. She symbolizes freedom, optimism, and the taming of the beast of inequality, misogyny and hate. She is free and fierce and represents all.” A Spirited Conversation” was developed as the brand’s call to action” encouraging everyone to come together and talk about the things that matter most and to let the good within shine through the most.